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Effectiveness of thickeners in preventing sagging

Latex paint formulations for architectural applications are intended for the manufacture of DIY paints and for applications by professional painters who apply them with a brush, paint rollers and various spraying techniques. During their application, most substrates are placed on vertical surfaces, such as walls, furniture fronts or fences. Application to such surfaces carries theContinue reading “Effectiveness of thickeners in preventing sagging”

Settling in latex paints and slurries. Causes and elimination by anti-settling additives

Gravity pulls us and objects to the ground, but also pulls down particles of dispersed pigments and fillers, creating a deposit which over time can be very difficult or impossible to mix and distribute again in the paint. This phenomenon is also present in water-borne paints based on acrylic polymer dispersions, and in this articleContinue reading “Settling in latex paints and slurries. Causes and elimination by anti-settling additives”

Development of hardness of acrylic WB paints by coalescing agents

The hardness parameter is usually associated with floor paints, parquet varnishes and other coatings that require high resistance to deformation under the pressure exerted on them by harder objects. However, hardness as a strength parameter also applies to coatings in other applications and is an indicator of how the coating acquires its parameters, and theContinue reading “Development of hardness of acrylic WB paints by coalescing agents”

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