Artur Palasz, Ph.D. – paint formulator, author of technical articles, conference speaker

Hi everyone,

My name is Artur Palasz and I am a scientist-chemist and physicist in the paint industry with the specialization in formulating paint recipes.

I manage my technical center of raw materials for architectural paints and formulations, in which we work on raw material efficiency studies in latex paint formulations, and the result of our work are start point formulations, extensive case studies and ladder studies that we carry out for leading raw material producers from around the world.

I specialize in the assessment of raw materials for water-borne paints based on water-borne binders (acrylic, styrene-acrylic, VAE, copolymers with VeoVa and others), especially additives, e.g. thickeners for latex paints to assess the full range of shear forces, defoamers, wetting additives and dispersants, waxes and other special additives but also pigments (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, organic and inorganic pigments, including pigment concentrates), standard fillers (ground calcium carbonate, prepcipitated calcium carbonate, modified calcium cabonate) and functional fillers (kaolin, wollastonite, cristobalite, quartz, nepheline syenite, talc, other silicate fillers, etc.). The studies carried out by me consist in the evaluation of functionality and efficiency in the formulations based on various raw materials, in the full range of PVC, compared with other raw materials, etc.

For over 15 years I have been providing knowledge for raw material producers and their R&D and technical marketing departments by developing case studies and raw material efficiency sheets dedicated to the NAFTA, EU and Asia-Pacific markets.

During the 50th Waterborne Symposium in New Orleans

I am also the author of publications in coating magazines, incl. PCI Magazine, PPCJ, European Coatings Journal, Coatings World, Journal of Surface Coatings Australia, Pitture e Vernici and speaker at coating industry conferences, e.g. The Waterborne Symposium (New Orleans, USA), CTT Conference (Chicago, USA), European Coatings Conference (Berlin, Nuremberg) and other.

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