Artur Palasz, Ph.D. – R&D director, architectural paint formulator and testing expert

Hi everyone,

My name is Artur Palasz and I am a scientist-chemist and physicist in the paint industry. For over 15 years I have been dealing with formulations and tests of architectural paints.

I work on projects for the leading producers of raw materials and smaller ones from around the world. I manage a commercial my own research center dealing with testing raw materials for the production of water-borne architectural paints.

I specialize in providing knowledge and technical support through the development of professional start point formulations, guide formulations, ladder tests and case studies. The area of my activity includes studies in various paints and varnishes for use in construction, as well as for wood and metal, based on acrylic dispersions, 2K water-borne epoxy binders and alkyd-emulsions.

Chemistry and traveling, both business and leisure, are my greatest passion. Immediately after them is electronic music with heavy and slow Italian sounds, which is lento violento, which is with me everywhere.

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