The Spektrochem Research Laboratory is a modern research facility providing wide service of support for raw materials producers for architectural water-borne paints. The basic scope of our laboratory services includes:

  • studying raw materials for paints in terms of their efficiency (especially additives)
  • determining the workability of raw materials in various formulations (polymer dispersions, emulsions, fillers, pigments, reinforcements, etc.)
  • developing start point formulations
  • tests of prepared paints and coatings in accordance with international test methods
  • raw material comparisons, blind competitive tests

Applications in which we prepare case studies and guide formulations of raw materials include interior and exterior paints, facade paints, wood paints, stain-resistant paints, maintenance paints and high-performance coatings, dedicated to NAFTA, EMEA and Asia-Pacific markets, taking into account local raw materials, legal regulations and market habits.

Our research supports the technical marketing departments of raw material producers, which then develop their technical data sheets, formulations and recommendations for R&D departments of manufacturers of architectural paints.

The Spektrochem research laboratory is a modern chemical laboratory that meets the ISO/IEC 17025 standards and maintains all standards related to sustainability. Our safety systems are based on NFPA704 and HMIS, and all work is carried out under controlled conditions of temperature and relative humidity in the laboratory.

The testing laboratory performs independent tests for both paint samples prepared at our company and samples from external customers. The scope of tests includes methods for determining the properties of liquid paints and coatings, including rheological properties, film forming and drying, weathering and durability, hardness, flexibility, abrasion resistance, adhesion, chemical and thermal resistance and many more.

The laboratory works with clients from all over the world, which is why communication with clients in both SI and USC (US customary) units is a standard.

We are organizational member of ASTM International.

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